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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #373

Happy What's On YOUR Workdesk Wednesday Everyone! I am doing a quick tour of my space today and showcasing the door that leads from my studio to the outside paradise I am living in.. Happy Sigh...
And I am hoping to get this out quickly as it is already almost 9:30 in the morning here and I have so much to do these warm summer days as the veggie garden grows like it is on steroids! (See last weeks post for Those Photos!) NOTE: If you are new to WOYWW or want to know more about Why we do it and how it works - go HERE!
Here is my desk this morning - I am giving you a peek at the mixed-media canvas I am working on that I will be submitting for a show in September... I am crazy nervous about this piece even though My Inner Art Muse is dancing with joy every time she sees it! (Aren't we our Own Worst Critics?! Go figure??)
I am no where near finished, but today I will be working on the details of her face and maybe adding some stamping to the background. 
Here is the detail of her dress; I am IN LOVE with what I did on her dress!  I am trying to follow my inner artist's voice without over thinking the process but that critical voice in my head can get pretty loud sometimes and I have to walk away - Usually through the door into my garden -
And either I walk around the flower beds pulling some weeds or I sit under  Old Man Willow looking at the mountain to get some perspective.
Getting this perspective has really helped me to keep going on this canvas... but it still surprises me how loud that "mean girl" voice can get when I am feeling insecure about my own work... It is SO CRAZY!!
I spent the last week up to my eyebrows in mixed-media and did a number of tutorials on my blog... check out the last few posts for some really good Stuff! (Even if I do say so myself - grin)
The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers "R" is for Resist Technique
ARTplorations Mixed Media Tutorial - Making Art Out Of Garbage
Susan Weckesser Creative Team - Home is Where You Plant Your Flower Seeds
And I am signing off now (it is already 10:00am!!!) by showing you this photo of the bit of my garden which I can see from the window where I stand when I am painting, because that is where I am heading right now to work on that lovely lady in my canvas!
As always thanks for popping by and please do leave me a comment if you like what you see!
Scrapbooking, Mixed Media Artist, Lynne Mizera

Monday, July 25, 2016

Playing with My STAMPlorations Stencils to Create Some Really Pretty Mixed-Media Storage

Happy Day Blog Land Peeps!  Lynne here today excited to be sharing my first ARTplorations mixed media tutorial post featuring the Happy Flowers stencil and the Bubbles-mini stencil and the STAMPlorations word stamp - Bold Sentiments-Create (my new favorite!)

I am going to show you how I turned garbage into ART by repurposing this box I saved from the landfill into some really pretty storage to hold all my STAMPlorations stuff in one convenient place.  

And an added bonus to my using a box for this tutorial is that it has four sides, so I tried out something a little bit different on each one - all of which I will share with you!

Before I get started here is a photo of the products that  I will be refering to in the step-by-step tutorial below.

I started with this sturdy cardboard box and used my stash of inky paper towels to cover it.  Lynne's Mixed Media Tip#1: I never throw away my inky paper towels but use them as the starting point to most of my mixed media projects.

Paper, even paper towel is pretty flimsy when it gets wet so I use a concoction of matte Mod Podge and water cut 50/50 and a very delicate touch with my brush.  Make sure you get the paper wet on both sides (back and front) when applying it to the box or you will get bubbles that can cause problems once they dry.  Also, you need to let everything dry thoroughly before the next step. Note: paper towel is quite sturdy after it has dried and the wrinkles give you all that lovely texture without any work.
After my box was dry I used masking tape to tape down my Happy Flower stencil and a pallet knife to push some gold colored Ferro (by Viva) through the stencil to create 3-dimensional, textured flowers.  Once these had dried it was really easy to outline the flowers in black waterproof pen to make them really pop.

Now a bit about Ferro - it is like a very thick metalic paint mixed with a  fine-grained sand.  It is amazing through a stencil because it does not run and holds its shape beautifully, and the sand is so fine even the tiniest details come through clearly. I think it worked especially well with this Happy Flower stencil and an added bonus was how quickly it dried - in less than 30 minutes! Note: wash stencil as soon as you are finished, do not let this product dry in your stencil.

I accented the background of my box by using my finger to rub some Golden heavy-body acrylic paint over areas where I wanted to hide some of the text that was showing through or where I wanted to add more color.  But then I faded back that color by dry brushing white gesso over top until everything was the softness I wanted.
Lynne's Mixed Media Tip #2: Mixed Media is all about adding and taking away and then adding back in again. More close ups of the wonderful texture that paper towel and acrylic paint and gesso gives the project...

Here is another close up of the towel-covered box side. Note: when you are enhancing your mixed media backgrounds like this, nothing you do is wrong. 
For this side I used Gun Metal Ferro - you can really see the sparkly sand in this image.
And now for the back side ...
Using my mini bubbles stencil, I added even more texture. I used a new-to-me product Art Anthology's Sorbet - a dimensional gel paint which looks like icing, is easy to use and is very subtle when it dries - exactly what I was looking for.

For these next flowers I used another new-to-me product by Dreamweaver, Crackled Texture Paste... it was super easy to use, thick enough to go through the stencil and hold it's shape and it dried with these beautiful crackles!

Even the messy bits that smeared underneath the stencil looked great after it had dried.
And even better, the crackle paste, once dried, had a beautiful matte finish which absorbed the ink that I brushed on to it for more color and highlighted those crackles even more.
And finally - I added my words using the Bold Stentiments-Create stamp set from STAMPlorations.  I am in LOVE with these word stamps!
Lynne's Mixed Media Tip #3: stamping words and phrases on tissue paper with waterproof ink and using watered down Mod Podge or liquid gel medium to apply it to the lumpy, bumpy surface.

This method works beautifully on anything mixed media - and if you use a paint brush wet with clean water to "outline" the stamped phrase it tears away perfectly with a ragged edge that blends into the surface so you have to look very closely to see that it was not stamped right onto your project. 
Just remember to use a delicate touch when applying your words to your project as wet tissue is VERY delicate!

So here it is-the finished product!  My box full of STAMPlorations stuff sitting on my shelf...
and looking just as Wonderful as I imagined!
So I hope you enjoyed my in-depth tutorial and that the time you spent with me today inspires you to repurpose something of your own that was headed for the landfill, mixed media style.  (She says Smiling and Waving!)
Lynne Mizera
for the ARTPlorations Mixed Media Design Team

The following STAMPplorations and ARTplorations products were used on this project:
Happy Flowers ARTplorations Stencil
Bubbles ARTplorations Stencil
Bold Sentiments-Create STAMPlorations Stamp

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers Challenge # 64 - "R" is for Resist (Technique)

Happy Saturday Peeps! Just LOOK at what we have for you today over at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers... a Technique Challenge - show us your favorite "resist" technique.  How can you RESIST the temptation? Grin

Here is what I created!  I did not use any snarky this time because I was right up to my eyebrows in arty, mixed-media creativity. (No, Really - I had product in my eyebrows!) But I did find this awesome quote to go with my 5x7 board canvas... What do you think?

Now as a special treat for all my faithful blog followers and you wonderful people who actually READ the sutff I write,  I am sharing with you, in photos, the ENTIRE process of how I got here.  Mixed-media is all about adding and taking away and adding back in until that little voice in your head says ... "DONE" - so here is my process and the many faces of this canvas along the way... Enjoy!
I started by pasting these inky paper towels to my board canvas
The flowers were created by using this Art Basics 3D Transparent Gloss Gel and my brand new STAMPlorations stencil "Happy Flowers" to create the Resist in my resist technique.
This is what the paste looks like when it is wet, but it will dry absolutely clear so that the color will show through.
I painted the background in a wash of water and gesso to fade it back and to make the flowers more prominent.
And them because the product was so clear, I applied some Viva Ferro Gold through the stencil to highlight some of the image and then outlined my flowers using a black waterproof ink pen.

I used another of my new STAMPlorations stencils "Bubbles-mini" to add some texutre to the background with some white dimentional gel paint from Art Anthology... it is very sublte but leaves a lovely shimmer. (Look at the top left and bottom right corners)
Next I added a border of torn music and dictionary paper and used the "stamping on tissue paper" technique to add the words "Art Your Destiny".
and of course it wouldn't be my project without some Bling... grin

Finally I softened the background even more by brushing on more gesso wash and then wrote in my final quote which really expresses beautifully where I am in my life right now...

"Some People Want it to Happen;
Some People Wish it to Happen;
Others Tear Down the Walls of RESISTANCE
and Make it Happen." Mirela

Here is a photo of all the products I used for this project... Now why don't you come and show us how YOU Resist! 

Pop on over the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers to see how my Sisters RESISTED and we would LOVE to see your favorite Resist Technique - You have until August 5th at midnight to  link up your project and we always choose a Queen and Princesses of Snark!
As Always, thanks for popping in to see what I am up to these days and please do leave me a comment if you like what you see!
Scrapbooking Artist Lynne Mizera
For the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers